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    See below on sizing your new pack. Clever Hiker has a video on taking measurements, we have it shown below, be sure to like their video! 

    For most people with a hip measurement of between 32 and 40 inches, our Medium hip belt will work just fine.

    Our Hip Belts are multi-layered and designed to carry a substantial load very comfortably. They are both wide and rigid so that the weight of the pack will be evenly distributed around your waist.

    When wearing this kind belt, you'll want to center it on your hip bone. It is specifically designed so that it will comfortably wrap around and cradle your hips in padding. You'll need to select one of the four sizes we offer that most closely fits your hip measurements.

    Make sure to leave enough gap between the two padded ends so that the hip belt can be adjusted as it wraps around your waist. If you're on a long hike, you'll want to leave enough gap to accommodate a loss of weight.


    The Regular or Large will work best. If you're at or near the top of our 22" torso measurement, the Large is probably better. Also the Large brings the Shoulder Harness Pockets lower and makes them more usable.

    For short people, the Small is the best choice. We also have the S-Curve Harness. It has a more radical shape that is frequently preferred by women hikers.

    Remember all the hip belts and harnesses are changeable, if you change sizes at any point, we can sell you different size harnesses and belts. 



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