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About us

Wander's founders, Oliver and Liz McTan grew up with two very different families, who had something in common, a love of the outdoors. Oliver’s parents met in a mountaineering club while in school in Taiwan. The two fell in love and went on to raise Oliver and his sister, here in Orange County with a passion for hiking, mountain biking and all things outdoors. Liz grew up as the third child of two music loving hippies on the East Coast. She would travel festival to festival with her parents, and spend weeks camping with her older brothers scout troop. When they met, their mutual esteem for the outdoors came together and they have spent the last 5 years exploring the world around them, from the golden California coast to the mangrove swamps of Costa Rica.  Often when adventuring Oliver and Liz would say to each other while in the campground “Let’s go wander”, which would mean let’s go exploring, and see what is nearby. So when they decided to open a store they figured that “Wander” would be the perfect name for their greatest adventure yet. You can wander near, far, or somewhere in between.  Wherever you may wander you will need the right stuff: clothes on your back, shoes on your feet, and fire in your heart.  At Wander we can help you with the right stuff; the rest is up to you.
Shop with us Online wherever you choose to Wander. Or visit our brick and mortar store location in downtown Fullerton, CA.
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